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NORMANAL 450mg/ 50mg Film-Coated Tablet; box of 30’s

Generic Name:              Diosmin + Hesperidin
Registration Status:   Registered
Drug Type:                       ANTI-HEMORRHOIDAL
Principal:                         RENATA LIMITED

NORMANAL is Diosmin+Hesperidin, a micronization means that the active ingredient diosmin with hesperidin 500mg undergoes a high-tech grinding process with a jet of air at supersonic velocities, reducing the size of standard particles from more then 20 micron to less than 2 micron . Diosmin + hesperidin has better and faster absorption , and thus an increased bioavailability, which leads to faster and more powerful clinical efficacy in venous diseases. Used to relieve capillary impairment and venous insufficiency of the lower limbs, and for hemorrhoids.

Available in blister pack of 10’s, box of 30’s.