Market Channel

Primary markets for EGIP’s products are the establishments and outlets for the sale of pharmaceutical products with the support of the medical profession. These include hospitals, medical clinics, drugstores, etc. Professional networks of marketers/distributors are actively promoting and selling EGIP’s products on a nationwide scale.

Actimed Distribution Inc. (Generika’s Commissary) Meed Pharma
All-Bio Pharma Bell Kenz Pharma Inc.
Regimed Pharma Beracah Pharma
Remed Pharmaceuticals Inc. D’ Conner Pharma
Sea-King Pharma Inc. Gogenerx Pharma
Skymed Pharma TGP Pharma Inc.
Organix Pharmaceuticals RLANZ Pharma Trading
United Pharma Plus (Unipharma) Inc.

There are on average 600 medical representatives and independent sub distributors involved and in regular direct contact with the medical profession. A major single distributor (Metro Drug) is instrumental for the supply of EGIP products in Mercury Drug Stores nationwide. A professional in-house team of medical representatives are trained for directly detailing the range of specially selected products with the medical profession.


It is generally perceived that competition is growing rapidly in the field of generic medicine. A growing number of companies are added every year to the pharmaceutical industry. Many identical new brands are entering the market as soon as a patent expires. This results in price erosion especially on the level of the importer. With a full range of services and a competitive price, EGIP maintains its position as a strong player in the industry.

Products and Services

It has been EGIP’s policy from the start to look into the niche markets of high priced medicine with few competitors and relatively large markets. Here EGIP could make a change and offer lower priced medicine without compromising on quality. EGIP’s sources at present are all high-class companies;

Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Renata Limited
Gland Pharma Limited The Acme Laboratories Ltd.

All EGIP products belong to the category of branded generic medicine on prescription by a licensed physician. The successful introduction and continuous marketing of many EGIP brands, like CLOVIX, KENZAR, KENZAR PLUS, CETAMID, PROVASC, CARDIPRES, AFUNGINAL, and NORMANAL has contributed to the company’s spectacular growth in the past few years. With the recent introduction of a new sales team and the application of an innovative marketing formula, EGIP aims to consolidate and improve its positive results.